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The team at Woodcreek Landscaping are experts at bringing your vision of inviting, custom landscape to your home. We build customers for life.

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It is our mission to offer fair prices for high quality products plus installation whilst also giving you the dignity and honesty our excellent customer service sets out to provide. We constantly carry out research in order to develop or explore new concepts and construction ideas to offer custom made designs to our customers. We work towards to offering everyone of our customers with a custom made design concept.

Expert Desert Landscape Design

We can adapt the design of your yard and xeriscape to have a desert theme to fit in with been in the Arizona desert. As part of the design process we choose plants that are better suited to our climate, which little or no water, and are low maintenance in arid conditions. You are able to pick from succulents or cacti, besides bushes for adding color, provide supplies of earth tone rocks, extra bits of mounding for increased depth, perhaps synthetic grass to make things appear greener meaning that you will have a fantastic looking yard that fits in with our dry and sunny climate. Your yard will attract local birds and wildlife like hummingbirds and quail. Our designs mean that you will use very little of our precious water in the process.

Stunning Tropical Landscape Designs

Just below are examples of landscape designs created by Woodcreek Landscaping, which used natural plants, synthetic grass, rocks as well as palm trees. These designs mean that you can have the tropical landscape look without having to water or maintain grass. The plants we provide complete the tropical look without needing water. We offer front yard designs too, which feature driveways, wrought iron gates and pillars.