Lawn Maintenance MESA, AZ

At WoodCreek Landscaping we strive and work hard to offer the best possible lawn maintenance. Mesa, AZ is known for having a hot, dry climate with little rainfall. Due to these factors a nice lawn can take plenty of time and work which most people don’t have. By using our services we guarantee a healthy beautiful lawn so you can spend your time relaxing in the backyard instead of maintaining it.


Every single property is different, which is why we create custom solutions to best meet the exact requirements of your yard. Our lawn maintenance approach takes every factor into account such as grass variety, weed control, Ideal cut height, proper lawn fertilization, aeration, mowing patterns, grass seeding and lawn height.


Keeping your grass at the proper height is a big factor for increasing the success of a green, lush, weedless lawn. Grass that is not cut to proper length can cause stress, dead spots, and increased weed reproduction. Cutting your grass at the proper length will also help your grass to grow stronger roots resulting in much less watering. This will reduce your water bill cost over time and is much better on the environment.


Fertilizing your lawn on a regular basis is a major factor in order to maintaining a strong, healthy, nutrient rich lawn. Grass requires three major minerals to grow and keep it healthy. These minerals include nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Because every yard is different the proper mix of these three minerals will change from yard to yard.


One of the best factors for a healthy lawn is aeration on a regular bases. This is usually done in the spring or fall, and is usually required once or twice a year depending on the lawn. This technique is used to ensure the roots of your lawn get air, water and minerals that grass require to grow and flourish. When soil becomes compacted it can prevent the growth of roots causing damage through drought, disease, or pests.


Our lawn maintenance team at WoodCreek Landscaping are skilled, trustworthy workers who have strong expertise in lawn maintenance and mowing. They know grass, and will ensure your yard gets exactly what it needs for  healthy, full, green grass. Most importantly, at WoodCreek Landscaping we stand by our work, and I know you will be delighted to stand by it as well.


If you are interested in any of our Lawn maintenance services, contact us at (480) 264-6566 for a quick quote. We build customers for life!